~ our story ~

On July 26th, 2001, Dan was invited by a good friend to the premiere of the movie Rush Hour 2. After the movie (and after the after parties), the evening concluded with a dinner in Hollywood hosted by Jackie Chan. Dan and his friend took their seats at a large, family-style table. Dim sum, duck and drinks were had by all.

On July 26th, 2001, Michelle found out that a good friend was organizing a dinner party in Hollywood hosted by Jackie Chan. Later that evening, Michelle showed up to the dinner to mingle. Since the restaurant was packed, Michelle’s friend gave up her seat, which was right next to Dan’s. Michelle quickly established herself as the life of the party. “Whoa, I must talk to her”, Dan thought to himself.

This was not going to be easy for young Dan. While Michelle only knew a handful of people at the dinner, within minutes she had sampled at least a dozen conversations. Dan decided to make his move. While Michelle was in a stimulating conversation with Ari Gold, Dan introduced himself. A few “hi’s” and “hellos”, and Dan was left with a business card.

“A business card? What’s with that? And all it says is that she’s at USC!”

So the two arranged a lunch – a business lunch, that is. Not much in common at first – engineering and advertising don’t cross paths everyday – but they hit it off. Conversations about movies, culture, food, travel, food, LA, food, allowed the both of them to really enjoy each other’s company. By the conclusion of the lunch, Dan made her pay half. “So there”, Dan thought. Michelle thought, “We’re definitely going to be friends!”

The lunch notwithstanding, Dan and Michelle developed a close, mutual, and fun loving friendship. For the next four years they found the best of friends in each other. This friendship endured the many ups and downs of life: hardships and happiness, relationships and love, found and lost. Through it all, Dan and Michelle provided each other with love and support.

So what changed?????

A trip to the Getty? A break up? Maturity? Psychotherapy? Timing? – Well, that would turn this webpage into a novel, but life does have a funny way of working itself out. Today Michelle and Dan couldn’t imagine living, and loving, life without each other. Please join them in celebrating the Hollywood romance!

With Love,
Dan and Michelle